Stew Prins Author

Stewart Prins is an experienced writer, media professional and campaigner. Over the past 20 years Stew has worked as a Reporter with the Hobart Mercury, speechwriter and media adviser to the Premier of Tasmania, National Communications Coordinator at the AWU, Executive Officer / Chief of Staff at the RTBU, and as a communications and campaign consultant to a wide range of member-based organisations. Along the way Stew has been the invisible voice behind many public figures in Australian life. He has ghost written articles and speeches for high-profile politicians, business leaders, union officials, sports stars and community activists. Stew has also written scripts for videos, television commercials and for live radio. He is regular panelist on radio 2SER’s weekly political review, The Gristle, and tweets as @Storeman_Norman. Stew has won several PR industry awards for his successful advocacy campaigns, including the Last Drinks campaign for the Police Association of NSW which led to the establishment of the so-called 'Lock-out Laws" to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence in central Sydney.

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